The eTerminal-Epson embedded terminal works with the Epson Multifunctions and enables the communication between the MFP and the Gespage server. This embedded terminal fully fits into the touch screen of the Epson Multifunctions.

This terminal enables user’s identification by entering a code on the touch screen :

Epson 1 • Gespage
  • Tracking of the copying, printing and scanning
  • Management of scans to email, home directory or USB key
  • Access rights limitation to the MFP functions.

Secure use of the Epson MFP by login, login/ password, code, card (badge reader in option).

The intuitive user interface allows a quick start from the first use.

Epson 2 • Gespage

The user may select one or several documents from the list in the print queue.

Epson 3 • Gespage

The documents may be released, deleted or kept in the queue.